Show Dynamic Blocks
to your users at the right time

Create Dynamic Blocks for WordPress & WooCommerce and make them visible based on logical conditions, custom trigger events, anywhere in any theme position, on the fly.
Dynamic Blocks for Wordpress and Woocommerce
Dynamic Blocks Features
Effortlessly deliver personalized content that resonates with your audience by displaying blocks based on logical conditions and custom triggers. From personalized recommendations to eye-catching banners, explore how our feature-packed tool enables you to captivate users, boost engagement, and drive sales.
Dynamic Blocks Features

How Dynamic Block works ?

Experience the power of our advanced Query Builder, empowering you to create dynamic rules and conditions that supercharge your sales, boost user engagement, and maximize conversions.

Create advanced rules and conditions to display dynamic blocks based on specific events.

Dynamic Blocks Flow
Dynamic Blocks What To Display
Customize Your Content
What to Display

Create personalized product recommendations, display badges, banners,  and information, and leverage the full potential of our query builder.

You have the freedom to showcase exactly what you want, when you want.

Strategically position your dynamic blocks
Where to Display

Effortlessly assign dynamic blocks to preferred theme locations without coding changes.

Optimize placement on single or multiple pages.
Streamline customization for maximum impact.

Dynamic Blocks Where To Display
Dynamic Blocks When To Display
Define your own dynamic rules
When to Display

Define your own dynamic rules for displaying blocks based on specific conditions and timing.

Show them to your users precisely when it matters the most.

Several Types of frequently used Blocks to display

Choose from a variety of dynamic blocks to enhance your website.
Dynamic Html Blocks icon
Dynamic Elements

HTML Blocks

Create eye-catching banners, informative texts, and enticing payment icons to captivate your users and deliver key messages effectively.
Dynamic recommendations Blocks icon
Dynamic Products

Product Recommendations Blocks

Stop relying solely on category-based recommendations, personalize related product suggestions and save time by automating upsells and cross-sells.
Dynamic Bundles Blocks icon
Dynamic Products

Product Bundles Blocks

Offer irresistible product combinations and exclusive discounts to boost the average cart value and entice customers to buy more.
Dynamic Accessories Blocks icon
Dynamic Products

Product Accessories Blocks

Enhance user experience by presenting additional accessories for assembly, maintenance, warranty extensions, and more, letting customers choose their favorites.

Dynamic Visibility with Conditional Logics for WordPress, Woocommerce & Gutenberg

Whether you're working with Gutenberg blocks or WooCommerce blocks, our plugin seamlessly integrates with different block types, giving you full control over their visibility.
When to Display Triggers

About 15 Datasets & 150 Logical Conditions

Apply Dynamic Visibility to Different Blocks Types, Gutenberg Blocks and Woocommerce Blocks.

Whether it's based on user roles, browser and device specifications, date and time, screen size, URL source, metadata, or WooCommerce-specific parameters, our advanced dataset and logical condition options empower you to create dynamic and targeted experiences for your visitors.

Hide / Show
User Roles
Browser & Device
Date & Time
Screen Size
URL Source
What & When to Display Triggers

Dynamic Products Query Builder for Woocommerce

Seamlessly sort and query your products based on various parameters such as stock status, tags, categories, and more. Plus, with the added advantage of applying logical conditions, you can showcase your products dynamically based on specific rules, logical conditions and in any position of your theme.
Yith Brand Addon
create highly targeted and personalized experiences for your website visitors

Master the Power of Query Builder

Our advanced Query Builder is a game-changer when it comes to creating dynamic rules and conditions for your blocks.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, you have the ability to fine-tune the behavior of your blocks, ensuring they are displayed at the right time to the right audience. Let's explore the key aspects of the Query Builder, including triggers, datasets, and conditional logic.

Logical Conditions

The Query Builder allows you to create sophisticated logical conditions to control when and where your dynamic blocks are displayed.
By leveraging datasets & logical operators such as “AND,” “OR,” and “NOT,” you can define precise rules that align with your business objectives.

For example, you can display a block only if a customer’s cart contains a specific item and their total purchase value exceeds a certain threshold.

Dynamic Blocks Features
Suggestion: Experiment with different logical conditions to target specific customer segments, promotions, or personalized recommendations.
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Buy Dynamic Blocks PRO Version and unlock advanced features, priority support, and exclusive benefits to take your e-commerce success to new heights.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering Your Queries: Frequently Asked Questions about Dynamic Block Plugin for WordPress & Woocommerce

Dynamic Blocks are customizable content elements that can be displayed on your WordPress & WooCommerce website based on specific rules and conditions. They allow you to create personalized experiences for your users and optimize conversions.

By using Dynamic Blocks, you can strategically showcase relevant content, such as personalized product recommendations, promotional banners, and additional information, to engage users and drive sales. It helps you deliver targeted messaging and improve the overall user experience.

Yes, you have full control over where your Dynamic Blocks appear.
You can assign them to single or multiple pages, allowing you to target specific sections of your website or tailor the content based on user behavior and preferences.

With our advanced Query Builder, you can create custom rules and conditions based on various factors, such as user roles, products conditions, purchase behavior, and more. This allows you to show Dynamic Blocks precisely when it matters most to your users.

Yes, we offer a variety of frequently used Dynamic Blocks Types, such as HTML blocks, Product recommendations blocks, Product bundles blocks, and Product accessories blocks. These blocks types serve as a starting point for customization and can be easily adapted to match your website’s design.

No, Dynamic Blocks eliminate the need for coding.
Our user-friendly interface and intuitive Query Builder allow you to create and manage Dynamic Blocks without writing a single line of code. It’s a hassle-free solution for enhancing your website’s functionality and engagement.

By upgrading to the PRO Version, you unlock advanced features such as priority support, access to premium blocks, advanced datasets & conditional logics, extended customization options, and exclusive benefits. It’s a comprehensive package designed to take your e-commerce success to new heights.

Yes, our team is standing by to help you! Submit a support ticket any time from the Support tab in the plugin and we’ll be happy to assist..

Yes, if you would like to add more sites to your account you can upgrade and you’ll just pay the difference in cost.

Absolutely! We offer a free plugin version that allows you to experience the power of Dynamic Blocks firsthand. It’s a great opportunity to explore the features, test different configurations, and see how they can benefit your e-commerce business.

Yes, you can use the domains licenses purchased to set up on your customers’ websites, unless you are offering hosting services. We also have an Affiliate program that you might be interested in.

We are confident in the value and performance of the Dynamic Block Plugin, which is why we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 14 days, simply contact our support team, and we will gladly refund your full purchase amount. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to ensure that you have a risk-free experience when using our plugin.