Why Dynamic Blocks ?

After a long experience in ecommerce management and digital marketing we have created Dynamic Blocks plugins to help ourselves, site owners and digital agencies to enrich woocommerce stores in a simple way.

We needed, especially for our customers, a system that would allow us to customize woocommerce, enrich the products pages, shop pages and custom pages, without having to create unnecessary code repetitions.

With the sole strategic goal of increasing conversion rate, sales and user engagement.

Why Dynamic Blocks

Improve your Ecommerce to Increase Conversions

Create targeted campaigns depending on which pages or products your users are visiting.
Why Dynamic Blocks

Average Order Value (AOV)

Did you know that suggesting product recommendations, accessories to match, offers on multiple products, related products to your users, improves the Average Order Value without having to spend €1 on expensive advertising ?

On average 4 out of 10 people are in favor of adding to the checkout the suggested products.


Conversion Rate (CRO)

Show useful information to your users, banners and texts, throughout the entire purchase funnel, from the product page to the cart to checkout. Engage and reassure your users on payment methods, secure purchases, shipping methods, customer service, ongoing promotions and benefits.

Decrease the bounce rate on the pages and increase the conversion rate.

Why Dynamic Blocks

Simplify and Optimize your Ecommerce.

Dynamic Blocks Builder

Show your site visitors what you want at the right time.
Dynamic Blocks Builder is a tool designed for Ecommerce Manager.


About Us

We are a Digital Agency based in Italy with over 20 years of experience in Code Development, Web, Ecommerce and Advertising. From the development of plugins for various CMS such as Joomla & WordPress to the launch and growth of ecommerce, this is what we love to do.

Strong Experience
in Ecommerce Management

We manage different Ecommerce of our customers in different sectors with the sole purpose of increasing sales. In our experience, there was a need for a tool that would allow us to rapidly scale the activities necessary for their growth.